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The Golden Rules of Usability

I came across this great list of usability rules in a presentation by Denise Stephen called “Enabled by Design meets Scripting Enabled” which was given as part of the Scripting Enabled event organized by Christian Heilmann. Here goes the list:

Usability - The golden rules

    <li>Simply presented information</li>
    <li>Content reduced to essentials</li>
    <li>Manageable logical structure</li>
    <li>Intuitive usability</li>
    <li>Uniform appearance, consistently designed</li>
    <li>Good design and appealing graphics</li>
    <li>Quick delivery of information</li>

There are some great slides at ScriptingEnabled which are up on Slideshare - like this one Why I hate the Interweb (a presentation on the challenges that face different kinds of disabled users online). View more on Scripting Enabled website.