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Unplugged 2011

I gave my first ever big talk at Web Directions South in Sydney last year. This May, I will be speaking at Unplugged in Seattle!

It is going to be a different talk this time, — less on the activism and more on maximizing the cool on your web app styles.

As a front-end firefighter, I have learnt about the pain of working with a team, each with their own style and philosophy on what constitutes good markup, style, and script. While working on HTML5 Boilerplate (and the website), a different layer of complexity showed up - managing styles/markup for different languages, choosing what to add or remove from the templates that have become the default choice of several front-end developers.

Unplugged is where I hope to share some of the lessons learned and how to push the boundaries with browsers that can, while providing what can be managed best on browsers that can’t and introduce some tools to make your front-end development far more easier.

The event is on 12-13th May in The Conference Center. Knowing the Web Directions folks, I know it would be a super smooth and well organized event, so you should be there. There is even a discount code - WDMANIAN - you can use to take $50 off the regular price.

See you there!