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Book Reviews for November 2010

Within 2 weeks of returning from Sydney, I was traipsing through New York. I stayed about 10 days in Albany and another 4 in NYC. I did have my Kindle, which is the main reason I managed to read at least these! Here are the reviews:

Doctor No

I have seen James Bond movies, but this was the first time I picked up one of the books. Wow. While I understand how Doctor No can be gripping, the nauseating racism and sexism completely threw me off. I think reading Nancy Drew novels might be a better idea than reading Ian Fleming’s novels.

Our Kind of Traitor

If you have read the cable on the wedding in Dagestan, you would appreciate this novel much better. Granted, Our Kind of Traitor is a bit more “hollywoody” than usual John Le Carré’s offerings, it nevertheless captures the essence of a good spy thriller.

Mort and The Light Fantastic

I am finally, deliberately, making my way through the Discworld series. Is there a better writer than Terry Pratchett? I enjoyed Mort much more than The Light Fantastic (mainly because I am fascinated by Death, the character).

Live Flesh

It has been quite a while since I read a Ruth Rendell novel. Live Flesh is quite unlike the usual murder mystery that Ruth Rendell is famous for. The story of Live Flesh is not that surprising, but the voice that each character takes on is quite an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I think this is the best I have read from Ruth Rendell. Do read.

What did you all read this month? Anything interesting?