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Two years ago, I went about deliberately learning about the African continent. While prowling around for African music, I fell in love with West African music at first sight (er, note?) I haven’t found a good way to track where these artists will be performing live (Songkick comes close).

So here it is, a West African Music Events Tracker that tracks some of my favourite West African musicians on tour: Angelique Kidjo, Habib Koite, Salif Keita, Baaba Maal and more.

Technical Details

  1. I used Yahoo pipes to create a JSON feed, from their Myspace, official websites and Facebook pages, which is then rendered into the table.
  2. This site was created using the HTML 5 Boilerplate. It is a project by Paul Irish that I am contributing to, which should be released soon.
  3. If it is not obvious, the site uses all the fancy CSS3 properties: outlines, offsets, multiple columns, text-shadows, and advanced selectors. This was also the first time I used fonts from Google’s Font Directory using their WebFont Loader.
  4. I have also used @media CSS queries to adjust the look of the site for different widths, which means if your screen is less than 800px then the site will look different. You can also see it in action if you resize the browser.

I hope to soon add more events from Songkick using their API. If you have any other artists to suggest (or anything to improve upon), please do!

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Meanwhile, the source files of the website (including the PSD files) are available at github.com/nimbupani/mblax Feel free to use elements of the website as you see fit!